October 24, 2010

One Promising Form of Business as Missions

I attended a Globalink event yesterday at Biola University in Los Angeles.  It was an extension of the Lausanne Congress that was going on in Cape Town, South Africa.  One breakout session I attended was "Business as Mission: Good Business, Great Ministry" with Dr. Tom Steffen & Rob Tribken.  Usually, I am not a fan of business as mission, not because I don't think it will work, I'm just skeptical of it being effective enough that it can be worth all the time and effort.  All those details will be explained on our website later.  The one promising form of BAM I would be willing to support hands down right now would be business training or consulting.  Savvy businessmen and women can go to developing countries and share their knowledge of business with fellow believers in the churches.  This will empower the native believers to prosper in the business world, so that they can in turn have additional money to support their local ministry and mission efforts.  The Bamers don't have to get tied up in one place for years establishing one business.  They can travel around teaching and equipping thousands through seminars, etc.  Plus, it also helps the indigenous church become more self-supporting.

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