August 20, 2015

Alternatives to Gospel for Asia

It saddened me very much to learn about a month ago about the Gospel for Asia Diaspora and the claims, as well as other questions that many people are raising about the authenticity of Gospel for Asia. I don't know the truth and I'm praying that the Lord's will be done in this situation, and I hope you will pray as well.

However, if any of you are looking for alternative mission organizations to support instead of Gospel for Asia, please consider these wonderful ministries.  They are some of the most import ministries making an impact in unreached parts of the world. I don't know any of these ministries intimately, so research them yourselves, but what they are reporting looks very good.

Empart (most similar to GFA)
Global Media Outreach (internet global outreach)
IBRA (missions radio)
Partners International (native missionaries)
Advancing Native Missions (native missionaries)
Far East Broadcasting Company (missions radio)
Christian Aid Mission (native missionaries)
Surge (native missionaries)
Serve India Ministries (native missionaries)
Indian Evangelical Team (native missionaries)
Global Recordings Network (Christian audio archives in 1,000s of languages)
Jesus Film Project (missions film ministry)
Trans World Radio (missions radio)
Bible League (Bible distribution/training)
Galcom (fixed tuned radios etc.)
Gospelink (native missionaries)

The Great Commission will be completed no matter what. God bless you!