February 26, 2011

Preference in Missionaries Being Sent

In order to reach a group of people with the Gospel, and under ordinary circumstances, our preference for deciding on who to train, equip, and send to reach them should be like this:

1) native missionaries (indigenous)
2) near-cultural missionaries
3) cross-cultural, national missionaries
4) cross-cultural, foreign missionaries who are accustomed to living at the same economic level as those they are trying to reach
5) cross-cultural, foreign missionary of any sort

If group 1 is not available, we look to group 2.  If group 1 and 2 are not available, we look to group 3 and so forth.  Does this make sense?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  What would be some exceptions?

A Church Big on Missions?

Not too long ago, I was in an interview.  My interviewer discovered I was a volunteer for Gospel for Asia.  It turns out she was a Christian (in the corporate world of LA, what a surprise right!?) and we started talking about  church and missions.  She said that her church was big on missions and couldn't explain any details other than the fact they're always talking about missions or involved in missions all over the world.  She invited me to the church, so I checked it out a few weeks later.  It was a big church and a good message was preached that Sunday.  After the service I saw a couple brochures about missions on a table in the foyer.  Next I hit up the bookstore.  It was packed.  I didn't see any books on missions, but I did see whole sections of the bookstore devoted to "gifts and apparel", "health and nutrition", "finance and career", "jewelry", "kids", and "music"....*sigh. Maybe not so big on mission after all.

But this kind of brings me to another point.  When it comes to Christian merchandise, I suppose the products are dictated by the demand, as with any market.  However, one would think that a church bookstore might be skewed in the sense that the leadership of the church would like to approve of and promote certain products in their bookstore of which they approve.  So shouldn't there at least be some books in that bookstore about missions?

(not actual photo)