July 11, 2011

From Suicide to Salvation

Here's a story that comes from Gospel for Asia:
When the doctor told Vanisha's grandmother what the life-saving operation for her 19-year-old granddaughter would cost, she was shocked and in despair. Never in her life would she be able to come up with that kind of money. And because Vanisha's parents were dead, there was no one to help them.
On the way back from the hospital, the two women stopped at a local store to buy poison. As soon as they reached home, they mixed the deadly powder into their food. Both of them wept bitterly as they were about to eat and commit suicide together.
Just then Gospel for Asia-suported missionary Balaji, who was distributing Gospel tracts in their neighborhood, heard their wailing voices. He and some believers from his church rushed to the house.
"What happened?" he asked the women. Vanisha shared how she had suffered for a long time from terrible stomach pains and that none of the medical practitioners they consulted nor the gods they worshiped were able to cure her. And because they had no money for the operation, she and her grandmother were about to end their lives.
Pastor Balaji was moved with compassion. He shared the Gospel with the two ladies, comforted them from God's Word and prayed that Jesus would heal Vanisha from her affliction.
Then the missionary fasted and prayed for a whole day for Vanisha, and God in His mercy touched the young woman and healed her completely. A checkup at the hospital confirmed that she was now in good health.
Through this miracle, Vanisha and her grandmother understood God's great love for them, and they joyfully received Jesus as their Savior.
Imagine for a moment how tragic the story would have ended if brother Balaji had never come to their village. There are still hundreds of thousands of unreached villages across Asia. The millions of men, women and children who inhabit them have never heard about Jesus, seen a Bible or had a missionary come to bring them the Good News. They live and die without hope--unless someone sends a missionary to them who can tell them about Jesus, the Savior of the world.
There are currently a couple thousand would-be missionaries ready to go and reach these people. They just need some training and financial support. Consider supporting native missionaries to help bring the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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